Stereoscopic 3D animated CGI Boobs visible with Parallel View, Berezin Lorgnette Viewer.
3D DLP render will require LCD Shutter Glasses and stereoscopic player
from or Tridef player from




Click Here For the Right 3D LCD DLP File 89MB, slow download

Silcone Love Doll
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Click Here For the Left 3D LCD DLP File 89MB, slow download


Below is an animation using Miki G2 by e-froniters Poser 7. Jesse Hair was conformed to Miki and gravity morphs and physics
not used in the example for the interest of a quick animation. was the source of the conformed hair cap. Comparing Maya to Poser7, it becomes obvious that Poser 7 is definitely the way to go when it comes to quick renders for the web. The advantage of web renders is that you don't need expensive render farms to get an idea across.

How Do you View Stereoscopic 3D Videos without 3D glasses? Once you learn the parallel view technique, you'll never need the glasses for viewing Stereoscopic images or video! Glasses need!! Stare out to the opposite side of the room, quickly move your laptop to eye level while video is playing. You will actually see 3 images, the middle image will be in 3D!! No Glasses!


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In the file below, Poser 7 was integrated with e-onsoftware's Vue6xStream, These are not the best renders, but it gives a rough idea of the how nicely Vue6 and Poser are linked together.





$400 Silicone Sex Doll torso is now available for purchase!! This silicone doll is SIMILAR to a RealDoll, by Abyss Creations, but it's a Cheap Real Doll competitor, yes that's right, it's a Cheap RealDoll competitor. You can get the same action for a lower cost. The doll is silicone on the skin where it count's, but other cheaper materials on the inside, so we ALL save money!!! It is a little more delicate than the 100% silicone dolls, but it's 1/3 the cost, treat it, the way you'd treat a real person. Watch the video to the left for a live action demo!!!

All sales are final, you must be over 18 to purchase. The Doll is $400, shipping and handling is $100, tax is $42. Total delivered cost is $542. The receipt will say Sculpt Art. Enjoy. The email address connects you to the seller's iphone. All attempts will be made for prompt communication. All Silicone Dolls are made to order, there is a two week lead time before shipping.

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DOA Volleyball Stripper
TIFA Bounces

MetaDoll CGI Animated



















Animated Boobs

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